Our world runs on stereotypes. We all do In fact. Some harsh
judgements, some horribly wrong first impressions. We are a society of
judgemental people, trying to seek appreciation from one another and
continue feeding on it for the rest of our lives. I come from the 90s,
I romanticise the idea of cliches and I don’t understand the concept
of ‘out of the box’ sometimes. Only when I started to read and write
about fashion I realised I was letting go of so many important
aspects. Those intricate details, the eliminated ideas, the
patchworks, the embroideries in the corner or the beautiful detailing
on the back. Isn’t that what people are all about, their little
details and their beautiful secrets.

Recently we stumbled upon one such brand, The Little Black Bow which
helped us break stereotypes in our next blog post. Some Old school
English charm embellished in Indian work. One of the most appealing
and unusual Indian wear designs for both men and women. I loved how
cliche colours didn’t address my Indian wear this season. I don’t own
a lot of florals, In fact I barely own any but this whimsical floral
lehenga is a beautiful and a fine piece of creation. The floral print,
the vintage touch, the unusual colours and patch work of exquisite
Indian handwork is absolutely gorgeous. What caught my eye was that
all three pieces are individually so different yet when put together,
they fit in just perfectly. With elegance and pure richness we
recommend you  to visit The Little Black Bow.

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