It is time for sweater weather!
I know winters in Mumbai aren’t really winters but it does tend to get cold out here, at least in the early hours of the day. Sweaters, hoodies and pullovers become everyone’s go to outfit. In the midst of a crowd full of basic winter outfits, I found this super comfortable yellow sweater from Celio.
Yellow isn’t a colour everyone chooses because of its brightness but that is exactly why I love this pullover! It makes me feel so warm and fresh, it is a perfect way to get out of my winter blues. This sweater from Celio came to me at the perfect time. I was planning my trip to Europe and was wondering what could I get to not freeze to death there, but at the same time also not have the burden of carrying heavy winter jackets in my luggage. This sweater is by far the easiest and the most comfortable winter travel outfit I have adorned.
It is so easy to travel with this sweater and to style it is a lot of fun too. Due to its bright colour, the rest of your outfit can be as minimal as possible. The outfit is so subtle yet it can help you be the pop of colour in a crowd. You can also use this sweater to layer it with shirts or jackets and pair it up with denims or chinos. One might think that yellow is a loud colour but honestly, it’s such a radiant and lively colour tone, one can’t help but feel cheerful in it.
The warmth and comfort of this sweater makes me feel so cozy, all I need is a hot chocolate to make me feel that the winters are here finally!