When we all rant about feminism without knowing the actual concept,
when we all jump into conclusions to make men look disgusting in our
societies in the name of feminism, when we use and exploit this term
so well to just be a part of a social stratus or even follow someone’s
opinions to just fit in is when at we all are making that age old
mistake. We really wanted to convert this approach in our fashion
statements too, and hence we came up with this idea of suiting up for
our next blog post.
┬áIf you’d notice, Siddhi is wearing the full suit and Varun is styled
in a classic suit look but without his blazer. We really focused to
show the uprising of women in the working industries and how women
have been taking over from their male colleagues. The women are
powerful and independent enough to climb a social ladder, their
competence is acknowledged by the society and as far as we think, men
are more than happy to be in an equal society. We as partners at
Settle Subtle, are always happy for each other’s growth and that’s
what we believe exists elsewhere.

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