Denims are one piece of clothing that are effortlessly stylish. Pair it with a shirt you have a sharp dapper look, pair it with a t-shirt and you’re in a comfortable, leisurely mood. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that denims are consumed in abundance and in such variance, hence have to be produced in great numbers! So how can something that is rapidly created and is a part of fast fashion be consciously aware? Well, Celio has managed to hit two birds with one stone!

Since I’ve begun to understand the real impact of environmental degradation, I’ve been more conscious about the steps I take and the lifestyle I choose to live. Honestly, it’s never going to get easy, but taking the first step always helps. From making sure that you do not litter the road, to using biodegradable materials to changing your wardrobe with more sustainable products – there are a variety of things one can do. I am still getting a hang of it and what I can contribute fully is by opting for clothes that can have be a small part of a big change. And I am so glad that I am in the fashion space and can share this with you as the industry moves towards a more ethical approach.

Now coming to how I made a minor change in my wardrobe? Well, by choosing Celio* Green Denims. Their new range of denims that consume less water, energy and chemicals is the perfect alteration to my closet. One may believe that the use of less chemicals and energy might hamper the quality and the look of the washed denim, I too had a reservation like that. But once, I tried it on – there was nothing different, except that I made a positive impact on the environment. The look, the feel and the effortless fit was all there!

For those thinking about styling this, well a blue denim with a white shirt and a cool blue scarf can instantly transport you to a beachy location! And guys don’t second guess wearing a scarf! It adds a stylish touch to the classic white on blue. So, go a little out of the way by choosing a wardrobe that can not only make a style statement but also a social one!