Our recent collaboration with Hidesign was something we were looking forward to since a long time. Leather is something that we both fancy and which never goes out of fashion! Both timeless and stylish, moreover a travel inspired collection, we were awaiting our Hidesign New Year presents eagerly. When they arrived, they were no less than beauty and luxury blended in together generously and we were excited to read the curator’s story on this collection!
The entire collection is curated with the East India leather which is popular in Italy and France which is two centuries old and the techniques are inspired by the Britishers in 1800. These bags have a natural grain and a beautiful blonde sheen that glows through any colour that is rubbed onto it.

What interests us the most is not just the unique colour palate but also that the tanning process used is the only ecological and sustainable process in the entire world, which means that there is no chemical tanning involved and that your tanned bags are long lasting and more efficient.

Hidesign bags are fun and playful and this travel inspired collection is one of its kind! Our new year has surely started great, we hope you get your hands on to these beauts too!


Don’t forget to check the entire HIDESIGN collection on their website hidesign.com/ 

Happy Traveling!! 😀