So it’s that time of the year, where you have the last few days of October to enjoy the warm shores and beach beer parties! The days are pleasantly sunny and you’ll get the best skies early evenings. For such beautifully blue skies, I found the most interesting shirt at the Celio store this time. 

As I mentioned earlier and most of you guys know as well that I’m a sucker for anything different and unconventional looking in a store. And while at the store, this caught my eye at once! This shirt was certainly one of its kind admits the entire collection and I had to had to try it. 

Patchwork can be so quirky, but this one maintained one tone of shades which didn’t make it look too over the top. I mean I love quirky prints but not too over the top, just like this one maintains a subtlety to its quirk. I think its perfect for someone who wants to try something new & unusual. 


I have paired this patch work shirt with a plain white denim and have kept minimal accessories to keep the attention to the shirt solely. I love the drama that this shirt creates. 

I think it’s perfect for casual day wear, brunch like settings, beach sun downers, etc. You can also pair this up with light denims to give that all denim look a twist! This look will give you a dressy fun look by only bare minimum clothing.  


Let me know how you found this look, if you liked my styling or if you would want to tell me how would you wanna style it, I’m all ears! comment down below or reach me over Instagram! 🙂