As men, who anyway have limited garment options to choose from, what can an ideal garment be/have? Something that goes with everything. Something that looks new everytime you wear it. Something that comfortable and fashionable at the same time. 

Well you’ll be surprised by the solution! 

Celio India has an entire range of shirts which are reversible and can be worn completely inside out, giving you an altogether new look! The one I’m wearing for example, is a dark blue solid colour shirt from one side. You can wear it as a solid shirt or fold the sleeves up to give it an edgy look with the red checkered detail at the sleeves and collar. 



Now what’s interesting is that you can wear the very same shirt and get a completely different look, just by turning it inside out! 

One shirt, but two shirts actually. Life looks fair now. Haha



Another thing that Celio is and most definitely should be know for are their Denim range. I’ll have to admit that one of the most well fitted denim jeans I have in my entire wardrobe are from Celio. They are comfortable, stylish and just fit you right. 

These for example, the grey distressed denims are one of my favourite. They fit you perfect with the correct amount of narrow your pants should have, not too baggy not too skinny. The best part about them is that they have this stretchable material which makes it ultra comforting! You can literally jump around in them, which I don’t find in the typical denim jeans we used to wear.