The secret of good style is to feel good and comfortable in what you wear! I think comfort is something that never goes out of style and I love to incorporate that bit in all my looks!




This month’s Celio look that I curated was a lot of fun. To shoot, to style, to wear! We chose the outfit from their latest linen collection because it feels Summer already and we had a trip planned to Goa ahead, so what better than that! However, I figured, I was so used to the fact that Layering makes me feel complete and all ready to finally step out, I decided that I start layering this Summer with some really cool linen pieces. When I was at the store sourcing for the look I wanted to create, I decided to go Monotone ideally with linen, because I just feel they symbolise calm and serenity and I didn’t want to make it chaotic. When I tried on the look, I sensed a serious Suit vibe coming to me so I thought why not layer this look with something else rather than making it a simple shirt on pant style.




I went ahead and picked up the orange shirt, layered it over my monotone beige linen shirt and pants and got myself summer ready. Not really actually, just then I spotted a scarf that called into a little more layering and I realised that I have never really played around with scarves. Celio, to my surprise, has such beautiful looking summer scarves, all in the neutral palate and I saw my look finally come alive.


IMG_6631-min IMG_6620-min


We were lucky to find one of the cleanest and the most beautiful looking beaches in South Goa to shoot this look. The blue waters, the cold breeze in a slightly warm Goan weather, bright clear skies and the Orange shirt standing out ecstatically! I was so glad that I went ahead with layering the monote look with a vivid colour because something about them just makes your look stand out on a bright sunny day and that’s what summer styling is all about. The scarf on the other hand came out perfectly in sync with my entire outfit and I have decided to adapt this look for this summer and try some more styles with scarves.




Well I had Siddhi photograph me for this look and I have to say, she did a great job being an amateur photographer. Only if she attended her college photography lectures more seriously, she would have been a definite pro today, haha! Nevertheless, what I love about styling a different look for Celio every month is the constant change I get to try! Linens are back in Fashion for me already and I see this trend as one of the most staple and classic trend that menswear styling has ever had.