We dream more than we sleep. Our dreams are not subjected to a
certain time. It’s while we are under the shower, while we have some
coffee in the middle of a stressful day, while we walk to reach our
destinations or sometimes even in the middle of a conversation. We are
all a bunch of dreamers. Dreaming about ambitions, love, lust , money,
relationships and every thing that drives us to be who we wish to.
Dreamy is not fairy tales and movies, it’s something we look at
becoming a reality tomorrow. Being dreamy is not being lethargic but
looking at things in a more positive and a larger than life
perspective. Somewhere being dreamy and having dreams drew a thin line
and that’s what made all the difference.

Our next look was based on the same concept. We wanted dreamy attires
and beautiful locations. We chose this tree in the middle of nowhere,
almost a barren jungle alongside the highway. I wish we could show you
the pictures of our so called dreamy location, it would probably be
the most difficult and awful looking place to shoot. But that was the
whole point we thought, we were the dreamers behind the concept and it
was us who had to make this shoot look larger than life. Keeping our
outfit colours very neutral, we played more with the background and
the little detailing. We tried matching the pocket square with the
pink flowers and the embroidery on the gown with the white flowers. We
styled a classic cocktail look with minimal dressing and not too
extravagant designs and yet kept it classy and sophisticated. Nude
gowns are very much in trend because obviously black has been worn
since centuries and colours are a confusing yet a repetitive choice. A
long nude gown or a nude lehenga
is a classic symbol of elegance and richness.

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