Hi, you guys! If you have checked our Instagram recently you know that we got featured on Falguni Shane Peacock’s Peacock Magazine November’18 issue. We have made it on their list of Top 4 Influencers to watch out for!

We are so overwhelmed with all the love and appreciation you guys have shown us for the feature, we thought it would be nice to indulge you in a candid chat we had with the magazine. Here’s the complete interview talking about our personal style and fashion obsessions, we hope you enjoy reading it.

  • Hero piece in your wardrobe? 

Siddhi: My Mom-fit Denims- comfortable, stylish and vintage

Varun: My Fedora Hat- it’s my immediate makeover everyday

  • Define your personal style in 3 words.

It is the same for both of us: Minimal, unconventional and classics with a twist (if that’s a word)!

  • You have access to all existing fashion in the world and you have to make one kickass outfit, what will you be wearing?

Siddhi: This is toooooo tough! I have an extreme fashion mood. One day I’d love to wear a haute couture gown by Dior, feel all lady like and the next day I’d love to wear an Androgynous Pant Suit by Raf Simmons!

Varun: A classic vintage Tom Ford suit with and Oversized Balenciaga jacket.  

  • An Instagram blogger you are obsessed with? 

There’s a ton of them but our favourite would be Cup of a Couple, gay couple bloggers from Spain! 

  • One thing you will never be spotted wearing? 

Siddhi: CROCS 

Varun: A set of lingerie maybe, I wish to pull of everything else! Haha. 

  • What’s the coolest trend this season? 

Varun: Androgynous clothing and layering

Siddhi: He stole my answer but I love the whole retro chic trend, old trends coming back in fashion like the flared pants, long blazers, anti-fit clothing, etc. 

  • 5 must haves in your wardrobe. 

Siddhi: Mom-fit denims, Black bodysuit top, Vintage/ retro long jacket, Anti-fit basic cotton dress, Finger rings

Varun: Black turtle neck, Denim jacket, Colourful printed shirt, Good wrist watch, No-show socks 

  • What’s your fashion pet peeve? 

Siddhi: I have a lots but this is my favourite- the Pyjama trend! I mean they are just fancy pair pyjamas or night suits at the end.

Varun: Leather pants on men. Although I would be intrigued to see one wearing them! 

  • What’s your go-to statement look?

Varun: Lots of prints (florals in particular), trousers and some accessories to top it up 

Siddhi: A basic anti-fit/ loose cotton dress, lots of layers, tons of finger rings and biker boots 

  • A styling trick that always works? 

Varun: Put on a good hat, always makes you look dressy, instantly 

Siddhi: Always trust the classics. Go for minimal, neutral classics and over the top or colourful accessories! 

We hope you had a good read and got some insights into our personal style preferences. Thank you for the feature, Peacock Magazine, and to all of you guys who have helped us make it to the list.



Photography- Mrinmai Parab

Assisted by- Mahima Tejwani

Wardrobe- Falguni Shane Peacock’s Sport Wear Collection