When we thought about shooting a wedding Campaign, we started discussing about all the things that bring life to a picture. “The Background”, it immediately clicked us. We went through décor sites and interior stores around to look for collaborations and stumbled across Nilaya wall coverings by Asian Paints.

Nilaya is a wall coverings brand with a collection of over 5000 unique patterns. These patterns are created in-house at Lab Nilaya, curated from well-known global décor connoisseurs and designed in collaboration with arch designers. To top that, these elaborate patterns are readily available at more than 300 stores across India.

On checking their website we were excited to discover about their collaborations with renowned designers & design houses like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Good Earth.

‘SILK ROUTE’ their collection in collaboration with Good Earth, is a beautiful tale about ancient age, romance and elegance.

“This was beyond just décor”, we realized and immediately approached the Nilaya by Asian Paints team for a collaboration.

The Good Earth collection for Nilaya is a tale of different landscapes and travellers from all ages. It brings back the medieval age with a legacy continued of new age romance and a traditional route.

We realized what better than this to convey our style through a wedding look- book on a similar tone. We then started to draw inspirations from these wallpapers for our campaign.

The Cocktail look: We believe gone are those days when bling meant parties! An urge to rediscover an evening look was on our minds and thus we decided to play alongside neutrals and try something new! A subtle grey and silver striped wall covering, QILA, matched our sense of belief on class and richness through its subtleties. On reading more about Qila we discovered how our color palettes and styles intercepted each other’s. Moods of sky, merged in nude tones that states versatility and calmness was exactly what we wanted to head towards. A perfect amalgamation of all colors derived from a plain beautiful sky, denoting simplicity and gorgeousness, Qila was a perfect match to our cocktail look.

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The Mehendi/Sangeet look: When we sat down to talk about the Sangeet outfit for the wedding campaign, we thought of all the things that describe what exactly does this occasion stand for. Celebration, noise, music, heaps and bounds of happiness, blend of emotions, colorful visuals and a lot of flavor. Looking through all wall coverings, we decided to stop at Paradise from the Palmyra story that visually reflected our thoughts right away. Paradise was brewed from the stills of forests, colorful replication of birds, leaves, flowers, plants, fruits and humming bees. The joyous celebration added so much to the mood of the occasion that it proved to be the best for a sangeet attire.

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The Wedding look: When you talk about the wedding day, you think of a royal affair, something old school, something that is ageless and elegant. When we came across Bagh-e-Noor from the Charbagh story, the imagery instantly took us back to the royal Mughal age. Floral patterns from the times of Mughals, an immemorial art by the designers, it spelled delicacy and tranquility. Thinking about how our wedding day makes it to the top of our most memorable and immortal moments, we thought we should go ahead with this. Readdressing the Mughal age, bringing back timeless class and elegance to the wedding look, we love how it all fell in place.

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Well apart from us curating looks inspired by these beautiful wallpapers, they also bring so much flavor and essence to our personal living spaces. They aren’t just a piece of art but stories shared by artisans who bring life to your spaces weaved with culture, love and experiences. Nilaya wall coverings are one such series of designs that we came across which has immense expression through wall décor.

Well, it’s definitely created with a lot of expertise, craft and a soft story that touched our heart.

Check them out for yourself : nilaya.asianpaints.com