There’s never been a better time to upgrade your style with the start of a new season, especially when the season is so festive! 🙂 As we dive headfirst into the winter season, now is the time to think of what could be added to your wardrobe.

Now I know I’m a little late to talk about Christmas preps, but it’s never late to match up to its vibe! So I’ve tried to keep it basic but classy, my version of classic, playing around with festive colours for the season!




Going streetsmart is the best way to slay this winter, especially in a city like Bombay where you’re not really struck that hard with the cold winds. Get this classic outfit by Celio; pair a blue denim shirt with this nice and cozy red & white sweater with light brown chinos.

Pair this look with simple tan brown sneakers, which will give you a very elegant look because it’s classic colour but at the same time fun because they are sneakers; one of the things that I absolutely love about the shoes by Celio.






Why I think this is one of the safest update you can have to your wardrobe is because these are classic individual pieces that can go with more of your other garments and are the perfect colour for the season.

Try wearing the pants with just the Blue denim shirt to keep it casual.




It’s that time of the season where you can happily skip the ripped trends and switch back to looking polished and classy. So go enjoy winter to its fullest, it’s my favorite time of the year and I’m sure you like it too! It’s all nice and cozy and festive all around and you get to layer clothes! 😀 #NoBodyShaming haha..