Ditch your Jackets this Winter!


Winter is here, well, almost here and we are yet again struggling with updating our wardrobes with something fresh. While we think jackets are a little too heavy for Mumbai which is true. I’d say let’s ditch jackets this winter for cities like our’s and try different types of fabric instead. One such that I tried on is a Corduroy Shirt I picked from Celio’s latest A/W collection.


Corduroy as a fabric has lost it’s worth a while back and it’s a small attempt to get it back in style because who doesn’t love going a little retro. I am someone who loved the olden era, the 20th century, the way men dressed up then, the Subtleness, the classics, I don’t ever consider them out of style. For me, that is gold, it’s something I wish I could adapt today as well. Each time a retro pattern comes into fashion, I try and get my hands onto it as soon as I can!


When I had to pick something out considering this weather and obviously experimenting a little like always, I picked up this Fall coloured Corduroy Shirt for this season. It’s warm, yet not too heavy. It’s something that you can carry during the day because of its colour tone and into the night as well, because of the fabric. It’s not so casual yet really comfortable. I have paired it up with the all new Slim Fit Denims introduced by Celio which again is a new favourite. I am not a denim guy, I hardly wear denims. I’d rather prefer trousers since I love formals over casual looks or joggers at the most if I need to be super casual. I have tried to create a very classic Britain look, extremely minimal yet experimental.


I paired the entire look with these tan brown sneakers, which are beyond comfort and can just go with everything (actual motto of picking them up). Love how my entire look has turned out to be. It’s easy, it’s refreshing, it gives a break from plaids which have been too exploited last season and also avoid plains incase you need something to update your wardrobe a little!

I say ‘Ditch your Jackets’ this winter and get your hands on some Corduroy! 🙌🏻