We received an email one random afternoon from Archana inviting us to this newly set up property in Delhi and it seemed like a pretty interesting mail in terms of the invite. There was a fully prepared itinerary for 3 nights and 4 days and it seemed pretty interesting for a hotel property. Both of us were pretty stoked about this and we were waiting for the dates to be revealed. Soon when the dates came, we happened to know that Varun was travelling to Banglore on the same dates and we were almost about to decline the invite but Varun convinced me to go and experience how it is!

IMG_8636IMG_8870  IMG_8734IMG_8599 IMG_8846 IMG_8941At the airport, all alone, thinking how boring it might be without Varun and moreover with people I don’t know because I don’t randomly socialise, I ended up meeting Santushiiiiii!!! I finally was relieved from all the boredom I thought I was going to go through. We reached the hotel and immediately went for a dinner where we were going to meet other influencers from Delhi.

Oh, if you’re waiting for the room description, I am coming there, be patient hahaha.



IMG_8588The hotel was designed very artistically and creatively. The concept was that of a book, how every traveller who stays here is a character, the rooms are their chapters, the people they meet here are their fellow artists and how every individual would have a beautiful story to tell in this hotel. The hotel has quotes and one liners written on random huge walls that will make you stop and stare and introspect. I love how this is not any other luxury business hotel who only believs in great décor and lavish structures but also has a thought behind every space emotionally and mentally.


I was very lucky to meet the owners and the designers behind this concept and on table conversations that followed the meeting were fun, intelligent and full of experience sharing.Lots of spas, heavy pampering and some delicious food were some perks that Varun has really missed, haha! Bedrooms were classy, minimalistic and so subtle and as our name suggests, we are all about elegance in these subtleties. I have clicked tons of pictures with Santushi, tried some fun shots on bed out of pinterest references and enjoyed every minute of my ‘ME’ time that I had here. ( though I missed you a lot Varun)

I would totally recommend you this Hotel, very close to the airport, not just because of the creative and beautifully designed structure but some amazing hospitality and a thought and gesture of belongingness that every space makes you feel.