It was that time of the year when work was low, seasons were slack and the city had just hit a flood. Basically, all blues and no fun. We were trying to experiment on different things from our end, some executed some still in the notes section of our phone but one thing we were definitely looking forward to was our Udaipur trip. It was planned a while back however it took us a month to finally sort the dates and be there!

Insider: Both Varun and I belong to Rajasthan from our maternal sides. I have my natives from Jodhpur and Varun was born in Ajmer, hence Rajasthan is one of our most favourites and maximum visited city in the country. Surprisingly we both had hardly ever been to Udaipur so it was quite a deal for us to be back there and for work simply because when we were young we’d look at these places in so much awe and think about all the wonderful things that we could create here, and back we are, creating content for our blog, doing what we absolutely love.

We were in Udaipur with The Royal Retreat Spa and Resort, to review and experience their hospitality and I’d say it was a classic example of the royalty of Rajasthan because it wasn’t built as a hotel, it was more like a guest house to the owners where they invited people from abroad to exchange and display the Indian art. Soon it evolved into this beautiful property that it is today and an excellent example of the old Indian heritage. I feel when you look at a property as a hotel, it’s a really different perspective that you hold about it’s luxury and services but we were really taken aback with surprise when they said it’s been a house to someone for years and what we loved was, even when they recreated it as a hotel, they kept the essence of a home alive.

Every room was designed differently like you would do the bedrooms in your house. No tall buildings but a huge landscape and suites spread across lush green lawns and a swimming pool right in the middle of the hotel.

Well, I feel like tempting you guys a little more about the property by talking our beautiful suite. The best mix of classic Indian heritage interiors and modern facilities. We walked inside a living room that led to our beautiful bedroom with white curtains all around the bed and a cute seating around the windows to read or look outside. It was our favourite spot until we discovered the Jacuzzi in our own balcony outside which was pretty exquisite.

We immediately headed out for a warm bubble bath overviewing the entire property and a beautiful chilly weather in the outdoors. It was dreamy, cannot put it across any better. You don’t want to live in any other room than that one, it was simply magical. Oh and did I forget to mention the yummy breakfast that was served to us at the Jacuzzi, so imagine having fresh fruits while enjoying the best bubble bath ever! Tempting right?

However, my favourite thing about our entire experience was the impeccable hospitality. When it comes to India, I always feel, it’s has the best hospitality across the world, and nothing better than a state like Rajasthan to prove it right. They believe in having their locals employed at their hotels so that they could create more work opportunities in the city and that’s what I guess makes all the difference. They are warm, humble, close to their roots and nobody better than them to show you the real culture of their city! From chefs to house keepers, everyone was a local but well trained and it was beyond excellent to see how well they are at what they do without any professional schooling or experience. It’s the hospitality and warmth of these people that makes me want to visit the hotel over and over again.

Attached here are some photos that would make you pack your bags right away for a small vacation to the Royal Retreat and Spa. Thank you for having us and experience the best of luxury from Rajasthan.