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You know how we have all dreamt of this perfect holiday at rustic small cottages on a private beach, completely isolated from the city, where you have your own cute little beach front, a garden in your courtyard and just you and a few friends spending the weekend away! But then oh so fancy unrealistic dreams and such expensive rents always seem to be a downer in our plans!
To our rescue, came across Saffron Stays‘ property in Murud, The Little Paradise and we finally made our dream come true!

We did have a weekend away like we always dreamt of, on our private beach which was yes, very clean, unlike the commercial beaches you find in Mumbai and cute little rustic cottages to live in. You can almost spend an entire day on the beach, carefree, without worrying about anything in the world, because you know you own that sheez!! (at least for that one day.) :p

Beautiful sunset with Beer (our staple sunset drink) is how we spent our evenings there. Early dinner and long peaceful night is what you can look forward to! I don’t remember the last time nights felt so long back in Mumbai because duh, it’s impossible. What’s rare and nice is, the fresh home made Maharashtrian food which cannot be missed! Some authentic dishes made with so much warmth and homeliness is divine during vacations.

This place would cost you Rs.7,999 for two people inclusive of food and the gorgeous looking beach all to yourself. Quite a deal yeah?!!
Saffron Stays has many other options to explore and you should surely check out their website www.saffronstays.com and find your perfect spot according to your location and requirements. They are luxurious and affordable spaces which are surely there to fulfill your getaway dreams along with your buddies!
Below are some pictures along with a video of our stay experience at the property! Hope you have fun watching it, even more while experiencing it yourself. 😉

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Also, do check the video below about how our stay, our experience has been at the property…!! 😀

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