Talking about staying still in life, well, that’s never worked for me. I always found myself moving, juggling, looking for better things when I already have the best and so on. Of course apart from being a woman and these things just being a part of who we are, I personally find it horribly impossible to SETTLE! For someone who plans life ahead of her and when I say plan I mean you could totally get an answer for ‘Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?’, I am surprisingly volatile! I stopped studying as soon as I passed my 10th grade! I had a a college life that meant absolutely nothing to me! I am one of those who graduated out of societal norms. I had my life planned out post college too, while I was 14. By now I had to be in New York with some fancy masters degree, a crappy internship in a big firm and a part time Starbucks job! Well, Starbucks will still happen for sure sometime, giving good coffees to people and making their mornings go just right is exactly the kind of happiness I am willing to contribute to the society! But amongst all my big plans, I ended up somewhere really different! Now ironically, I turned out better, I started working since I was 14, I started earning when I was 17, I have worked three different jobs in whole new worlds, met some of the coolest people and created something of my own.

Creativity is like a glass of good wine, hits you really late and then once it does, it doesn’t stop fucking up with your mind. Thats exactly what happened to me, creativity bit me really hard and made this normal, organised girl into a disruptive soul. I was having one of my daily coffees when I randomly decided I wanted to STUDY MORE! I went home called my parents, gave them a date and told them I’ll be leaving for London in a month! So no, like you must be thinking, my parents were anything but shocked. More like ‘oh thats so typical of her.’
Well, luckily for me, things that I am never satisfied of, eventually pay my bills in my uber spontaneous life!

So what is it exactly that keeps me jumping places despite of having a normal life going. I don’t know, new attractions or the fear of all things done! Thats actually baseless, you can never do everything in life, it’s unnatural. Every time I meet a new person, their life inspires me, no matter how good or how rad! When I am on the path of the goodie two shoes, I feel the need to re-invent the badass in me! When I am on the road to all things wild, I need the feel to find my calm. When I am at my calmest best, I keep looking for some noise. Its a continuous loop in me, of new adventures, of new possibilities, of new heartbreaks and of all the new errors! Quite honestly, I have forgotten what it feels like to be all planned and ready for the future. Forget 5 years, I am in the league of ‘I don’t know what I am doing tomorrow!’ Is it good, is it bad, I don’t know, I’ll never know.
All I know is, life will keep feeling blah as you and I keep growing up and so all we need to really focus and plan is simply one thing, SLEEP! I have realised that sleep is priceless, chase worthy and rare to achieve. Today, as I sit across the window at a random British pub below my apartment, all I wish is that these 5 pounds I just spent on this gorgeous cheap beer, gives me the best sleep I’ve ever had. My 5 years, shall fall in place just right!