Ever see a post of an amazing outfit over Instagram or somewhere?

And then try to replicate it for yourself?

Gather each piece… Try it on… Look in the mirror…and say,

Nah! This looks nothing like the picture… 😐

Chances are, you don’t have the same body type as the guy in the photo.

Now one important fact, that we all miss is…We’re not all the same body-type.

Don’t worry though. You can still look great! This article is going to help you understand how to dress for your body type.

Before we get started, let’s consider looking at a couple of ground rules.

  1. Your body type and shape should always take preference over fashion trends. Don’t overdo it just for the heck of it.
  2. Get to know a tailor. A good tailor can do wonders to your wardrobe.  
  3. Dress for the body you have NOW…don’t put off wardrobe improvements for that 2-year diet plan you’ve been working on. Accept it, we all have done this.

Now before we start, lets begin by appreciating the body we are in. Well I am not the kinds who believe that there is nothing as a perfect body and you should be happy in whatever shape you are in, to be honest. One should stick to regular exercising or keep oneself engaged in some physical activity, which keeps you healthy and in decent shape. But at the same time I believe that one can be that oh so charming person without needing to have the best body too. I mean, there are so many other aspects that contribute to a personality than just getting a six-pack abs set.

This article would give you the right tips and tricks that will change your perspective dramatically!

Learn to emphasize the best aspects of your build and divert attention away from your undesirable features. Let’s get into it.

body_shapes-white-2-312x1024-e1477523233935          Body Shape #1 For Men – TRIANGLE

Most men are predisposed to being larger around the waist and hips in relation to the top part of their bodies, especially as they get older. This creates a natural triangular shape with the base at the waist and the tip at the face.

Having a triangular body shape does not mean you are in bad shape but it presents a challenge in finding clothes that make your entire body appear proportional. Most men’s clothing is designed with the opposite effect in mind – broad on top and narrower at the waist.

Creating balance and shape with your clothes is a key consideration for you.

Clothing Advised For Men With Triangular Body Shape:

  • Tailored patterned blazers: Wear checked blazers and fitted waistcoats with solid trousers. The mix of prints and solid colors will create the illusion of shape and take the focus away from the larger waist.

check suit check checkered suit

  • Vertical stripes: This pattern creates a streamlined effect that elongates and slims down the upper body. Horizontal stripes are preferred only if they are visible from the chest upward (like a tee inside a blazer).

vert verti vertica vertical 


  • Jackets with structured shoulders: Slouchy shoulders on jackets (bomber jackets, for instance) will exaggerate your already sloping shoulder line. Structured shoulders, i.e., padded on the shoulder line (on a topcoat for instance), square off your frame.


  • Brighter collars / Pullovers: Patterns and detailing across the chest and shoulders help to broaden the narrow upper torso. Wear something like a pullover/sweater and round neck tees with color panels across the chest but a slimming darker color like gray, navy or black.

pull pullo pullover

Clothing To Avoid For Men With Triangular Body Shape:

  • Fitted polo shirts and roll necks: Both these styles tend to make the neck and shoulders appear lean while highlighting any roundness in the waist.
  • Brighter colors and busy prints: Bold and bright patterns will draw attention to your triangular shaped torso. Work them into your outfit as accents in the form of pocket squares, glasses, socks, and kicks. Bold belts is also a no no as it will only draw attention to your the width of your waist.
  • Skinny fits and extreme tapers: Narrowing trousers draw the eye of an observer to the center of your body.  Swap them for wide and straight leg fits that add proportion to your outline.


body_shapes-white-3-318x1024-e1477523220901           Body Shape #2 For Men – INVERTED TRIANGLE 

The shape of this body type is a big triangle with the base at the shoulders and the point at the belly button.

You probably spend hours at the gym every week working up an enviable muscle pump. Kudos to that!

Since most manufacturers cater to men who are out of shape, buying clothes off the rack can be challenging for this body type too.

Clothing Advised For Men With Inverted Triangular Body Shape:

  • Horizontal stripes: Especially from the chest down, to broaden your comparatively narrow waist, just to keep a right visual balance.

hori horiz


  • Slim-fit shirts: You can wear shirts to show off your fit body but remember to size up. You want to hint subtly at your fitness, not scream it by wearing figure-hugging costumes.



  • Straight-leg trousers and jeans: Skinny jeans will accentuate your chicken legs. Slim fit pants will do just fine.
  • Jackets: Slim-fit jackets that follow the natural line of your silhouette would be perfect.



Clothing To Avoid For Men With Inverted Triangular Body Shape:

  • Structured tailoring: Suit jackets and blazers with heavy shoulder padding and wide especially peak lapels will emphasize your heavy upper body unnecessarily. A more natural fit would work better in streamlining your frame.


body_shapes-white-4-318x1024-e1477523203169          Body Shape #3 For Men – RECTANGLE 

Men with a rectangular body shape usually have a tall and thin frame. Their shoulders are roughly the same width as their waist and hips.

Clothing Advised For Men With Rectangular Body Shape:

  • Horizontal stripes: Especially across your upper torso (short and long-sleeved Breton tees), as they’ll add width to your frame.

hor horii horizonn


  • Structured tailoring: Once you’ve found structured blazers and suit jackets that add size to your shoulders, have your tailor take them in slightly at the back to emphasize your waist.
  • Layered looks: A button-down shirt and fine-gauge round neck jumper is a no-fail pairing that’ll add instant bulk to your frame.

jacketlay jacketlayer jackettt


  • Scarves: A neatly tied or draped scarf is an easy way to add a point of difference to your look, as well as flesh out your upper torso.



  • Prints, color pops, and detailing: Pops of brighter colors up top or details will expand the dimensions of your otherwise slim frame.

brigh bright


  • Jackets: Wearing jackets will make your frame look fuller and not skinny. This is a definite save.

Clothing To Avoid For Men With Rectangular Body Shape:

  • Loose tees, Baggy pants : Ill fitted or loose tees would only make your clothes look droopy on you and your frame skinnier.


If you’re both average build and average height you could be in danger of blending in with crowds. Try to have a few distinct details in your outfit at all times. Just a colored pocket square in the jacket’s breast pocket goes a long way. A good watch and shoes have a similar effect. A little visual clutter is a good thing sometimes.

Let me know if you found this interesting and helpful!

And remember to #StayFancy! 😉✨