You know we all blabber about the big problems like Feminism, Sexist people, serious breakups, marriages, culture, society etc! But how often do we actually talk about what we feel like. You know the small talks, the irrelevant ones, not in the interest of any god damn society. Basically doesn’t involve saving lives and hearts for a change! Recently me and my best friend (who also lives with me now, yay) Β sat over a cup of coffee and talked about the ‘mysterious case of lost rubber-bands in a woman’s life’ and how life saving are those tiny little things for us. From unsolved confusions to rigorous laughing is where that conversation ended. That’s when I thought why don’t we remove time to talk about the rather pointless yet unconditioned topics like these. Like uncalled crushes in our life, some hilarious pronunciations by your servant, a funny, creepy stalker incident, about the coffee you prefer, the books you read, some stranger we met in a local, some local yummy Pani Puri that made you sick the next day or even on what colour underwear are you wearing today, haha! πŸ˜‚πŸ™Š
In this world of massive judgments and serious criticism, these small talks might save us from so much negativity around us. Over complicating anyway runs in our blood these days, but imagine life would be so simplified if all our worries had to turn so small. πŸ’
There are layers to each one of us and wouldn’t it be awfully beautiful to discover them. How well sculpted is every person in their mind, what are the per second thoughts that keep running in them. Broader pictures are for the logical heads, we the soulful ones want to dig deep. Deep as we can, till we suck out the intricacies of others, unwrap them in our heads gently and let the kindness flow. ☺✨ #caffinerants