What and Why do I look forward to this New Year!
Well I am sure all of us are still syncing it in that it’s just a few hours until the clock strikes 12 o’clock and BOOOMMM, we shall be in 2018. It’s going to be the same struggle of getting used to writing 2018 in every form or books for the first three months, it’s going to be the same struggle of keeping up with our new year resolutions for the first few weeks, it’s going to be the same struggle of keeping up with new revised YOU that you’ve promised yourself to be. I get all of that, I go through all of that as well. But today before I talk about why and what should we all be looking at in the coming year let us take ourselves quickly through our last year and see how far we’ve come.

You know there is so much that I have achieved and gained in the last year and I had no serious realisation until I was writing this blog. This is exactly why I don’t really believe in having a bucket list to myself. There have been so many ticks off on the things which were not a part of my bucket list but we’re sort of bigger and better. Your bucket list is only limited to the imagination that you hold for yourself. God forbid if you’re a pessimist or a practical fool, there is only very little you think you can accomplish. Whereas, life keeps throwing these huge chances and opportunities at you that you fail to realise only because they didn’t enter you Bucket List.
I mean sometimes you fail to realise that you are doing such amazing things while you’re at it, only when you look back and think about it, you really feel it’s worth.

So I was looking forward to a few things for myself this year, not resolutions but simply things that I swear by so I thought I should share it with you guys! Let’s get to what we could look forward to this year!

  • Inconsistency: Well, I have always been a fan of surprises. I always wish that life keeps throwing surprises at me, keeps me on my toes and I keep looking forward to new adventures and people. What is life without ups and downs. You can never be consistently happy or sad, I’d consider it pretty boring. We all get so used to patterns and schedules because it’s comforting and safe. We fail to take chances and try stepping out of our comfort zones because we are scared that it might break a pattern. Let’s give ourselves a little break this year and let things flow. Appreciate inconsistency and irregularity, give yourself a chance to surprise yourself and then make a decision!



  • Self Exploration: There is no better therapy than Self Help. I may surely be sounding cliche but despite that there is nothing better than knowing yourself a little better each time. As much as I succeed in doing this every year, I still feel I have failed miserably in certain situations and I almost feel like I don’t know who I literally am! I am going to put an Extra Emphasis on this point because it’s something I swear by. Every year passes by and we fail to notice what’s bettered about us or where have we failed. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than self realisation. Life is so fast moving, you hardly get to sit down and free yourself from judging people around you and remove time to notice yourself. It’s funny how we have NOT put ourselves as our priority whereas clearly that’s far more important than everybody else’s life. I travel to know more about it, I love to know how I adapt to different places, different people, different choices. Travel makes me feel close to myself and I can’t describe how beautiful is it to know yourself better each time.



  • Commit to quality, Love exclusively: I bet you must have already figured why I wrote exclusively because I believe we give ourselves away to a lot of people every passing year, that’s just a basic human trait I won’t blame us. We can’t stop love taking everything away from us or we can’t keep our hearts safe. But we can always say NO to things we don’t mean or feel. Give all your heart to people who it belongs to and absolutely none to temporary people. Stop distributing and dividing yourself in the name of being social, and know the difference!



  • Take chances at life! ( The bus theory): I don’t know if you guys have heard about the Bus theory, but I feel I have quite based my life on it. It’s just that, ‘One day we might get hit by a bus, it’s scary, it’s weird and it may be impossible but it’s true. What if! There is no bigger risk than pretending that you don’t care. There is no bigger flaw than not setting yourself absolutely free and letting yourself be anything it wishes to be even if it feels next to impossible. As much as we try every year to control ourselves, we are only humans and there is only very little in our control. Live your life as straightforward as could, promise to be more expressive this year, speak out your heart when you have to and don’t hold yourself. There is nothing more beautiful than saying what you feel or believe. Be desperate for everything, for work, for people, for just anything you wish to have. What if life is actually this unpredictable that one day you might be hit by a Bus and there might be zillion chances you still didn’t take. We never know when the bus is coming!


Well, I hope this made you already jump into the next year and excited about it! Let me know in the comments below what do you feel and if this helped you in any way!