When we got the invite to visit Coorg, we were more than excited! Varun and I have always wanted to spend some time in the wilderness, explore this gorgeous hill station and sip on their delicious coffee! But, what we didn’t expect was that off-roading in this lush district could be fun. We knew we were the perfect company for each other when it came to travel, but who knew that Renault CAPTUR would be the third-wheel to our wanderings? Oh, I should give Varun credits for the third ‘wheeling’ pun.

Our two days at Madhikeri and Mandalpatti were nothing short of spectacular. The warmest welcome from Taj Madhikeri was just the cherry on the cake we needed. To add to it, we got to meet some really creative and talented individuals from around the country in the small, fun ice-breaking session organized for the blogger community.
It was now time to get #ReadyForCaptur and oh so we did! We started the drive from the hotel at 7 am to Mandalpatti. We were aware that Mandalpatti is one hell of a trail, the route is often taken by to get a thrilling off-roading experience, but with the waterfalls en route and the verdant hills for a view, the journey was as good as the destination. So, we sat in our Renault CAPTUR with our partner and were headed for the best possible ride ever. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about Varun’s driving skills on this ‘road less travelled’, but with CAPTUR’s steady performance, there was no turn or jerk that I could complain about! Adding to it was the 210mm ground clearance that kept us bump-free. It’s rare that one can find performance and a stylish looks in the same car and that too in a SUV (which is normally boxy and boring in shape). The moment we got in, the interiors awed us and it was creepily unanimous that we decided to take a couple of shots inside on our seats. The edgy interiors added were enough for our aesthetically pleasing pictures that would so well complement our style. So Renault CAPTUR instantly upgraded itself from our just travel buddy to fashion friend.

The minute we heard about this collaboration, we jumped in to be a part of it because of its one of a kind experience. It’s great to talk about brands and experiences that we can relate to and put down an honest expression of how we felt about the same! Thank you Renault India for having us on board, it was surely our pleasure.