Small switch-ups can make a big difference!

Bold and emotionally driven goal setting for the New Year is impressive but also very foolhardy. I mean isn’t this the very usual protocol of setting up high goals in December end for the next whole year, which eventually fade out by the end of the second month of the new year!

It’s great if we are keeping up with our optimistic self, of achieving those perfectly looong list of TO-DOs but c’mon, whom are we fooling? The artist Mr. Vincent Van Gogh I guess had the right idea when he said, “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

Basically, small subtle tweaks to your look are far more sustainable and likely to lead to a bigger change down the road. Well, having said that, it also quite defines the way of life, but that’ll we’ll talk about sometime else.

Now I’m not saying that your body building and diet plans are all superficial and won’t work at all, but yes I am saying that they are a little superficial and might not work or last for long. I understand that’s its not an easy thing to do, I’ve been wanting to do that myself since a couple of Decembers, definitely not easy!

But these small grooming additions that we are going talk about will definitely help you redefine your appearance.

So by the end of this New Year, you may or may not be that new man that you aspired to be, but at least you’ll look like one! 😉


8 TIPS FOR 2018!


If your sideburns suddenly look like wild grass, then you know its time to make an appointment with your barber. Hair growth is an unpredictable phenomenon that varies from man to man. But one thing is for sure that it doesn’t take too long for your cut to lose its edge and for you to go all junglee. Unless you’re sporting a longer hairstyle for 2018 (like I am continuing to), resolve your haircuts or trims for every 3 to 4 weeks.


No more rushed morning routines. Set aside a good 15 minutes and turn your morning shave into a fully-fledged ritual. Invest in good shaving creams and razors because that is what will keep your skin away from irritation. If you are one of my kinds who don’t want to let go of that beard, then make sure you give it a trim every 2-3 days.


UV exposure is a year-round threat that must be countered. Unfortunately, it’s hard enough to convince men that an SPF is needed in summer, let alone in winter when the days are dark and long. I mean for me too, I haven’t used it ever but there’s always a start!

I suggest reframing the way you think about sunscreens. Don’t think of these products in the context of tanning and burning, because maybe it sounds less ‘masculine’. Think of them as preventive skin damage measures.


There’s little point getting a bespoke suit or investing in fancy accessories if you have hands of a daily wage labor. Be sure to correct your nails that have been cut at odd angles or your palms that feel like sandpaper. And I’m not telling you to go for a manicure (I hate that for guys, no offence); just cut your nails right and keep your hands moisturized. Your handshake says a lot about you!


I know acne and blackhead problems are the most usual and the only immediate solution that we have to it is to pop that bitch out of your face. But that is what you need to avoid now! Well technically speaking, nails can tear the paper-thin follicle wall, causing bacteria to spread into the surrounding tissue and into other follicles where it can cause more acne. Basically, the more you fidget the worse it gets. So be a little patient, try your hands on some anti-acne face washes.


Most men think of grooming as a daytime habit. But skin is at its most receptive at night when metabolism peaks and the body isn’t busy defending itself from UV rays and stuff. In other words, a nice moisturizing overnight product can achieve a lot more than in daytime. Especially around the eyes, it’ll take care of the dark circles and under-eye bags by sunrise. Of course, taking a good 7-8 hour sleep goes without saying.


While most of you might feel this is not really a part of grooming, I strongly believe that balancing your diet is the best thing you can do to keep your skin healthy. Now I’m not saying you to get on a low fat diet and not eat junk, I know its impractical; but what you need to do is Balance it out.

Simple steps:

  1. Start your day with a fruit or a fruit smoothie, easily digestible and provides instant energy giving you a kick-start for your day.
  2. Include raw vegetable salad with your lunch and dinner, helps in better digestion.


New studies have shown that there are tiny beads of plastic found in some face scrubs, which might go out of production too sooner or later. The hazardous reason being these micro-plastics that are a part of such products eventually contaminate the seas and disrupt marine life. The World Economic Forum has predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050, so try to cut back on non-recyclable plastics and excess packaging where you can. So all those fish-eaters, you got to save them to eat them!

If you need a good scrub, turn to Forrest Essentials, KAMA Ayurveda or even Patanjali for that matter (Patanjali is not bad at all actually).

Well these are a few things on my list and I think you should try them on too! I’ll be trying my hands on a couple of products, maybe I could share/review Top Grooming Products next time.

Let me know what you guys think!