Who doesn’t like to look neat and fresh all day, even if the day involves you being stuck in traffic for hours together or walking around in the heat and sweat for work or otherwise. I personally travel a lot for both leisure and work and you know how taxing it can be to still look fresh till the end of the day.
There is one thing that was taught to me as I was growing up, in fact was also a lesson from my MBA programme that one should always be prepared for any occasion or opportunity that might come his/her way.

I mean, you never know if you meet this CEO of a big company who might just offer you a job. Or you might come across a successful director and he might just give you a shot in his next project. Or it may just be that perfect girl for you who might be sitting across you at a bus stop or a metro station. Now you won’t go looking for a washroom in such a situation right!

So what do you do?


Explore the power of waterless cleansing! Experience the convenience of being refreshed whenever wherever you are!
With the goodness of Aloe Vera and Minerals from Marine Extracts, this revolutionary product will help your skin appear Cleaner, Fresher & Brighter.

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Basically :

  • Apply on Face and wipeoff with a tissue or hanky to get fresh & bright face
  • Get Fresh and Fair skin On the Go
  • Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera
  • Suits all skin types

So grab on to this one and keep yourself ready for whatever may come to your way!

Never miss a thing, stay on the go with HE Waterless Facewash.