You often hear everyone saying this at one point or another,

“I don’t have anything to wear” OR

“I don’t know what to wear, nothing suits the occasion”

May it be a casual dinner with your family/friends, that casual drinks with all guys kinda scene, a hardcore party club night, or a festive occasion.

I always hear the same question, and this has been and still often is my question too,  “Does this match? Maybe this is too casual? Will this draw too much attention?”

Well, I’ve got your back! 😉


So here’s The Secret!

To me, as long as your clothing fits, you have a sense of occasion and you’re willing to put 30 seconds of thought into an outfit you will be fine.

I wont say getting dressed is the easiest part of my day, but you get into the groove eventually. Trust me, I know! haha..

You don’t need a lot of clothing to look stylish, so I’ll give you 4 tips to look good and look right, get the ladies and save your money too (well I’m not very sure of how the second part works if the first part falls right in place).

#1. Buy What You Need – Not What You Want.


Sales, bargains, and discounts don’t exist to get you a deal, to be honest. They exist to get rid of excess merchandise in a store.

Now this doesn’t mean you can never find good clothes when its the sale season, of course you can! How do you think I blog about fashion and yet survive in this expensive city!?

You MUST approach any sale with the mindset of “I need ‘x’ for my wardrobe”.  If the first place you visit doesn’t have it then move on.  Never buy a shirt that fits poorly…even if it’s on a 90% off price. It will sit in your closet and be worn maybe once. So all you basically got to do is resist the temptation.

Have a to-buy list of what you need/where you would like to get it and go from there.  Can’t afford it quite yet? SAVE. Better to have fewer perfect pieces than a bunch of junk sitting in your closet. Building a wardrobe this way does take time…learn to have patience and you will be rewarded for sure my friend!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the mistake of trying to “cheat” and speed things up by buying relatively cheap items found on sale I was never happy with. I always ended up discarding them maybe a year or two later, or probably they are still resting in one corner of my wardrobe.

#2. Know Your Lifestyle – Have A Sense Of Occasion.



Are you the Social Animalkinds? Are you the Party Animalkinds? Are you more into Formal Dinner Partieskinds? etc.

You should always try to analyse your lifestyle and understand what sort of a person are you. Once you’re through that process, you know what occasion to buy for more.

Well nowadays the sense of when to wear something and what to wear for certain occasions has sadly gone for a toss. For whatever reason wearing a t-shirt and track pants with a snapback has become the new cool, and guys wear it to dinner parties, to club nights, brunch scenes, etc.  I personally don’t know what to blame this on, but I do know that I am NOT of this breed. Every occasion has its own essence and you wouldn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons right? We all know that if you’re that well-dressed man in the room people notice.

Whether it’s a job interview or just chilling having a good time, just make sure you look put together. Now you obviously don’t want to (and shouldn’t) be suited up everywhere, like I said, just be in sync with the vibe yo!

Have the basics covered and everything will be copacetic.

Now you’re asking yourself…what do I mean by “the basics”?

#3. Focus On The Basics – Classics First.


What do you need?  Collared shirts which can act as both formal and casual pieces, some fitted t-shirts, a blazer/pullover, a suit, some jeans/chinos/trousers, and a few pairs of shoes to rotate through are the ingredients of a versatile wardrobe.

Personally, I don’t stick to the same few colors in my wardrobe;  obviously because I like experimenting and if not me then who else (part of my job)! 😀

But you can choose and stick to a  few colours to start with. For example, a white, blue, gray and khaki are neutral and can be mixed and matched with ease.   As men, we’re able to get away with wearing the same types of clothing multiple times per week… I use this to my advantage!

It’s easy and I can go almost anywhere wearing slight variations of the same outfit.

With that, I’ll leave you with one last tip.

#4 Have Fun With It – Dress For Your Personal Style.


As I mentioned, you can create a uniform for yourself comprised of basic colors and styles to start with. Maybe you want more color or more variety, and that’s totally awesome.  Crux being, Dress for your personality!  A man’s style is a process, not an event in itself, it takes time to develop and refine.  Some guys pull off loud patterns and bright colors very well, while other guys are better served by a neutral color scheme and solid fabrics.

Although louder, brighter pieces are more memorable, so your chances of hearing ‘oh, i’ve seen that before’ are relatively high (of course that means you have mean friends).  You want people to remember you, not your outfit. :p

Styling doesn’t have to be as difficult as some people make it sound like.  Use it as a tool, as a way to present yourself, as an extension of yourself. Make sure people know who you are!