We all sure are aware of the famous saying that ‘Diamonds are girl’s best friends’, well so have I. I’ve heard diamonds marked eternal promises, promises made by a man to her woman.  Diamonds have been the sign of precious and heart-filled love.
It was always amusing to hear such things and I grew impatient to have a story of my own. It was a staple picture in my head, the same old love story and a priceless piece of diamond. I grew up teaching myself to be
independent, self reliable and fierce. I was so inspired by all the women around me who were making a future of their own, I exactly knew where I wanted to head. Soon the picture in my head started to blur and all I could see is me, standing there, writing my own story, for my own self.
I recently came across the Ziah collection by Kalyan Jewellers and realised that my dreams were not far fetched. Ziah came up with a stunning collection of affordable diamonds that is oh so beautiful and delicate. These are solitaire look-alike hence they need to re-iterate this and perfectly set diamonds that has all the splendour of solitaire and yet is affordable. It’s almost an emotion to buy yourself diamonds because for me there is a beautiful story behind every piece of rock you wear and this rock is your story. I love how I can get myself the diamond jewellery I have always fantasised with my own pay cheques and wait for nobody for my perfect future. 
Ziah talks about love that exists just beyond the romantic affair. Love is growing up with your sister, love is your mom teaching you everything you know today, love is a gift to your best friend who’s about begin a new journey with somebody else. Love is all kinds of things and it shouldn’t ever restrict you, it should only let you grow even more. Today I have come a long way and I deserve every bit of love shown to myself. Somedays by just taking a day off or somedays may be gifting myself some priceless diamonds. Because believe me, you’re worthy beyond just words.