As promised, we are back with another piece and this time, it’s what you guys have been asking us for! We got a lot of questions on the food we indulge in while we are on our travels and being vegetarians how do we savour the best! Well, good news is there’s always something delish to munch on in any art of the world. Each place comes with its own fair share of things to try. Some believe that for vegetarians it can get a bit rough, but thanks to healthy lifestyles taking over, even the largest meat eating countries have now started focusing on veganism and vegetarianism. Now, yes we’d be worried, that besides India it’d be tough to find dishes that are tasty and meatless. We are no food connoisseurs, but from out time travelling, these are our best picks!

1. Patatas Bravas, Tortilla español and Paella from Spain

Tortilla espanol or simply called as the Spanish Omelette, eggetarians can devour with this traditional Spanish dish with much love. Being on my first ever solo trip to Spain, we had much to discover and amongst all the madness this was my go-to comfort food! A simple recipe consisting of eggs, potatoes and the occasional onions and some pepper, Tortilla español is a classic. For those who are strictly vegetarian, Patatas Bravas is one dish you’ll find at every tapas bar to go with your cocktails. Deep fried potatoes served with a red spicy tomato sauce or aioli can never go wrong! So guys, when you’re in Spain and are tired of eating salads, then these are the must have! And don’t worry about looking for a specific restaurant to try these. Patatas Bravas and Tortilla espanol are café favourites! For those who’re looking out for a filling meal, nothing better than Paella! If you go to Spain and not have the paella, then did you even go to Spain? Although majorly a non-vegetarian dish, the veggie version of this rice delicacy is as delicious. Loads of vegetables, tangy sauces, creamy broth and some healthy and hearty Spanish rice – Paella is your fix for the complete meal.


Veggies can hog on the delish Patatas Bravas! Image sourced from gettyimages.


2. Ratatouille and Tartiflette from France

As you can see we were greatly inspired by the Ratatouille movie and we knew it that if and when we visit France, we HAVE TO TRY IT. Thanks to @airfrance we got to travel to this beautiful country and sample all their deliciousness. Now, one would agree that France is a culinary paradise and well, they’re partial towards meat. But, to my surprise we were welcomed by some amazing French dishes and the best part RATATOUILLE is vegetarian. Yes, Gusteau’s popular dish was mine to try. Ratatouille is a traditional dish from Nice and is made of tomatoes for the base, topped with other vegetables like zucchini, bell peppers, eggplants, onions and sautéed garlic. And just as the movie suggests, the entire magic of the dish is in its sauce and its creaminess! This dish is often comes as a side in restaurants, but remember to check if they’ve added bacon/meet/fish because many restaurants do have them added. Tartifelette was another French delicacy, we instantly loved. Tartifelette is a potato dish made with reblochon cheese and onions, beware of the usual ‘lardons’ (pieces of bacon). This gratin is usually prepared with white wine and topped with spices.

Just like it was in the movie! Images sourced from gettyimages.

3. Smoothie bowls and Gado Gado in Bali

It could be hard to imagine that this Indonesian island,a party-hub and basically paradise on Earth that calls out to people from all over the world could be a boon to vegetarians! BUT, don’t be fooled by Bali’s beach-shacks and nightlife culture that always kind of throws a vibe that vegetarians will have to may be survive on water that they have in abundance. Bali’s veggie food scene is as kickass as its beach life.  Gado-Gado is the ubiquitous veggie delight in this utopia. This Indonesian salad is not only yumm, but makes for a great Instagram picture with its boast of colors! Potatoes, tofu, tempeh, eggs, beans, sprouts, cabbage, spinach so much flavor and to top it all a smooth peanut sauce! This is a must must have. The usual Nasi Goreng is also a great choice! But, the smoothie bowls here in Bali seem the be the go-to for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Freshly cut fruits and smoothies make for images worth blogging about. Varun had a great time, snacking on these and didn’t even have to keep a tab on his food intake.

Isn’t this blast of color perfect for Instagram? Images sourced from gettyimages.

4. Scottish Haggis

It’s not so much of a surprise that UK is vegetarian and vegan friendly place, considering the number of Indians and Pakistanis settled there! I always thought it was only London that might whip up some delicious vegetarian meals and now Scotland is catching up too. Edinburgh is the most vegetarian friendly city in Scotland and has so many cafes and restaurants that serve really good meat-less hot meals. My favourite was the vegetarian version of the very meat-y haggis. A traditional Scottish dish, vegetarians can sample on the veggie version of Haggis.  It wasn’t a try-hard attempt on veg food, but in fact could stand on its own as a great dish. Pulses, oatmeal, carrots, garlic, green peas, occasional mushrooms, vegetable stock and seasoned with lots of pepper for the spice and nutmeg and cinnamon for the sweetness, Scottish Haggis is a must! Henderson’s and David Bann are some great restaurants to eat at for vegetarians. And if nothing sails your boat, you can always hit the many many Indian restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Try the traditional Scottish delicacy, the vegetarian way! Images sourced from Pinterest

5. Home away from home in London


When in London, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating greens! From street-food stalls to some of the best fine-dining restaurants, you won’t be scrapping for veggie-friendly meals. Be it the numerous Indian restaurants or the ever increasing vegan cafes, you’ll never have starve. Tofush and chips – the veg version of fish and chips, tofu steak, mashed mushrooms, butternut squash, hummus, couscous salads, quinoa – there’s so much to choose from! I couldn’t just pick one favourite, but if you’re planning a trip soon, then Mildred’s, 222 and The Gate are great restaurants to start with and if you’re up for ultra-fine dining, Atul Kochar’s Michelin starred Benares is the place to be!

Dine at the many Indian restaurants on Brick Lane! Image sourced from

We hope this list has helped you guys and we will continue to add on as and when weI explore more!