Well this was one of the most random trips that we have been on, super unplanned, no itineraries made, no to do lists, no bucket lists, absolutely nothing. It was hardly two days before my vacation that Varun decided to jump on this trip with me and my friends and we barely got the time to even digest it completely. Yes there was plentiful of excitement but there was a lot that was not taken care of and it was almost time that we were on this spontaneous trip to Thailand but it quite had its own charm. Uncertainty is beautiful, especially while you’re travelling. I won’t really recommend that when you travel solo but since we were a bunch of people I knew we would get our shit figured out. 
We landed in Krabi in the afternoon only to realise that we had booked a wrong hotel. Partially our fault on not re checking it but apparently the hotels rebranded themselves and some portals didn’t update their information! So instead of a journey of 20 min we had to travel for a hour and a half now to reach the hotel! Quite a bummer but what happened next was not less than fate being a game changer for us! We landed ourselves at the Anantara Si Kao resort, the famous five star chain of Anantara resorts and hotels! It’s one of the finest properties to stay on if you want to just unwind and relax on your private exorbitant island/beach. There is absolutely nothing to do but to just sit and admire the enormous ocean and be by yourself. The rooms are as cheap as 7k for a night for a five star hotel and the food is not really expensive too. Overall it was a beautiful experience and I would highly recommend this property to people. 

After two nights of a 5 star luxury, we moved to this luscious, spacious villa that we booked off AirBnB just a few days before we left. The villa was stunning, minimalistic, classy and a perfect luxury. It’s a two stored villa with a private pool that is connected to it’s own personal road so that you don’t feel like you’re staying in the centre of the town even though you are. The manager was extremely sweet but not really helpful in terms of what you could do in Krabi. Of course if you already know unlike us, she would help you figure out how to do it but she was really slow in giving any ideas on what to do or where to go. Every room has a Netflix connection and I was sold at the idea. We were a bunch of friends who sat down at night for a horror movie for some Netflix and chill. 
Nightlife is not great in Krabi as much as it’s in Koh Samui or Pattaya. It’s a chilled road with bars and pubs and that’s about it. You can’t expect a lot in terms of clubbing or lounging in Krabi. Also, be careful of drug dealers and huge gangs in such places. People are usually smoked up and high and it’s best to not get involved with them. We had a long night in Krabi and a scary experience, hence helping you avoid such occurrences. But overall it’s damn safe, you might just find the cops partying with you too. Haha 

Also you can take day trips to different islands but you need to book them 2 to 4 days in advance for the speed boat booking. You can go to Phi Phi islands, Railey beach, Koh Poda, Koh Phan Lang, and many other islands around for snorkelling or Diving. The speed boats will take you to the far away islands, however of you end up in a long tail boats like us, don’t be disappointed because that was one of the best boat rides I have ever been on, it’s magical! 
I’ll be putting down the Villa link below, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Hotel: Anantara Si Kao, Krabi. 

Villa: http://abnb.me/EVmg/8i73mxviuD

Aao Nang Villa, Krabi