Day 1:


To start with an over the top story of our day 1 because WHY NOT,

when Varun had forgotten his passport and all our cash in the Disneyland hotel we just got back from. Shocked? Uh ah, not me! Varun does that sometimes, he likes adding a little drama to our consistent happily led lives! We were about to check in at the hotel to which we realized Varun didn’t have his passport and it was kept safely in the locker of our hotel back in Disneyland. (so much for safety)

Well here we’d like to bring something really important and our favorite part about living in Paris to your notice.



CHAMPS ELYSEES is said to be the most lit street in the world, literally and metaphorically too. Apparently every night there are more than one million lights lit up on that street alone and to add to it, we were there during the Christmas preps which just makes everything way too pretty! Marriott is not just a hotel but more of a landmark in Paris. Our trip got way more comfortable and flexible because we could always just come back to Marriott and head out again since it was located in the centre. From the most massive rooms we’ve seen across Europe, to being located on the busiest and the most centric street of Paris, Marriott left no chance to make us feel extremely sad while we had to check out. I remember giving out flying kisses to the hotel while my taxi driver loaded our stuff in, it was really that heart breaking.


About the passport, the very amazing team from Marriott immediately sent out a person to our rescue, to Disneyland and bring our passport and cash back to us on the same night and we couldn’t be more grateful. Such generous hospitality and exquisite services is what made our stay even more comforting and memorable with Marriott. People often forget about the hotels they once stayed in and move on but properties like Marriott Champs Elysees will stay close to our hearts forever.


Besides all the stress, we had an evening of cabaret dancing and theatre planned for ourselves. We were super excited to watch the classic and oldest play, MOULIN ROUGE so we headed out to have dinner around there and we ended up finding a super cool bistro. So incase you guys plan on going that side, you need to visit the ROUGE BIS and especially try the burger there, it’s the best we’ve had! You can always buy your tickets online on www.theatreinparis.com or go buy them on the spot. The seats are first come first basis and there is a huge line to enter the theatre so I’d suggest you stand in the line at least 30-45 min prior. Another suggestion we have received massively from our friends is the CRAZY HORSE which we’ve heard is really epic and most recommended.


DAY 2:

IMG_7891-minWe started off our day at the YSL MUSEUM and explored some cafes around that street. There are some really pretty looking cafés and restaurants opposite the museum where you can find some delicious hot chocolate and yummy crepes. The street also has the best of luxury and is filled with fashion stores. From GIVENCHY to GUCCI, the street gives you everything you want to know about world fashion. The Eiffel Tower was at a walking distance so we decided to walk while we froze away in Paris. The Eiffel Tower lits up for the first 5 minutes of every hour throughout the day so don’t miss watching that! Of course it’s a beautiful sight in the evening but it’s a must to watch it both times of the day.


Now is EIFFEL TOWER over hyped?

Certainly NOT! I mean I would not comment on ‘ Is kissing under the Eiffel Tower worth it?’ or ‘Is it so darn romantic?’ this could be completely subjective, Eiffel Tower has got nothing to do with your romantic capabilities, haha! But I know for a fact that when you stand there, all hit up against the wind, looking all the way up to the peak, with hopes and anxiety gushing up your head, that feeling is magical. Standing under the Eiffel Tower cannot just be about a small tick on your bucket list, it’s a feeling you’d love to possess in your hearts for a lifetime than just in a diary.

Stand there all by yourself and look as far as you can and in a spur you’ll catch yourself thinking ‘How far have I come to be living this moment today!’


Well that’s a bit of what I felt like while I was at one of the seven wonders in the world. A little heavy, a little light it was all mixed but in that moment I was filled with happiness in abundance.




I know you guys have waited for this one considering the drunk stories we put up on Instagram. We had a ball during the Pub Crawl and honestly we had no idea that Paris was such a crazy party place. People have always associated Paris with shopping, romance and elegance. Partying is something people have not really discovered in Paris and one such simple way to do is to go for a PUB CRAWL!!! We met a random group of people from across the world, some from CUBA, some from SPAIN and obviously we met a couple of them from INDIA. Honestly, it heavenly to meet Indians during a Europe trip because you finally feel like somebody understands you. Actually the better part is the language, when you suddenly speak to someone in new in Hindi after 15 days and they get you, the happiness is beyond any description!



SANDEMANS Pub Crawl is what you’ve got to look for online. You can book it a day prior and I’d suggest you opt for a Friday or a Saturday to not get disappointed. You’ll be amused just like us to see how crazy Paris gets on a weekend and what goes down in those tiny lanes filled with pubs and bistros and youngsters from all across the globe.

BASTILLE is where you got to to be if you want to spend your weekend partying away in local Parisian pubs. It’s a super fun street filled with the best of places ranging from clubs to small bistros to eateries, it has it all.


Well that was our Day 1 and Day 2 in PARIS with ATOUT FRANCE – France Tourism Development Agency in India. Stay tuned to know about our reviews about BUS BURGER, LOUVRE and many other things in our next part of our Paris blog.

To read more about France, visit http://in.france.fr/