Okay I know I have kept you waiting for quite a long time for our Part 2 of our Parisian dream with AtOut France, India. But I am sure it’ll be worth the wait. Now without wasting a single more line let me take you back in time to our Day 3 and 4 in Paris!

Paris was freeing cold, it was almost 3 degree and we were out of Jackets. But so many things in Paris that kept us going, almost made us forget about the cold and kept us on our toes! The very evident reason being the beautiful Christmas decor all across the city, the lightening, the festive spirit and the shopping spree. We spent quite an awful amount of time shopping in Paris, not necessarily buying stuff everywhere but just enjoying the vibe of shopping in the fashion city of the world. I love the idea of stand alone stores more than malls. I wonder why don’t we have more of those in our country. It’s so much easier exploring a brand, it’s a more traditional way of retail shopping and the most important being is the extremely selected crowd and no random footfall.


Another super interesting thing that we did on our day 3 and undoubtedly our favourite was the Bus Burger. Now it’s fairly a new concept but a pretty cool one! We went to our Bus Burger stop and boarded the bus. Now the idea is to enjoy the most stunning and touristic spots of Paris while munching on to some yummy burgers and fries. Whaattttttt, this was insane! I mean what an amazing combination! Imagine a city tour where you are served with the most scrumptious burgers. All you have to do is book your tickets online and mention your Burger choice there. (Please make sure you tell them you’re a vegetarian before hand on the site while booking, incase you are one)


We had a short break at the Eiffel Tower and we could get down for a quick view of some photos. All three of us got down almost freezing to death and barely walked our way to the Eiffel Tower. This was the second time we came there but this time we saw it in the daylight. I don’t know if you guys have read about my experience of what I felt the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower but all I know is that there is nothing overhyped about this place. It’s one of the 7 wonders of the world for a reason! You’ll find yourself amongst the thousands of tourists who have come to visit the great Eiffel Tower and click a few photos just like you and I but all you’d notice is that beautiful, gigantic structure in front of your eyes. While I was there, I barely saw anyone else, I barely felt the cold, all I thought at that point was , I was the only person standing there, living that moment and breathing a whole new life that is right in front of me. Everyone and everything felt at a hold for a bit as if only I, in that moment, could have the chance at enjoying the Eiffel Tower all by myself, and that my friend was a magical feeling.




Well coming back to the buses, the super adorable people at the Bus Burger gave us a plate full of deserts to end our journey just right. In all, I would say, they were the most kind and hospitable people to have had a wonderful Paris tour with and I would not want anyone of you to miss that chance the next time you’re in Paris.





The next day we had a private tour booked at the Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum to look at some Modern Art installations by MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). We were taken through some interesting modern art Works from all across the globe, some past works and some new. One of our favourite installation was ‘Measuring the Universe’, a Collective Art by everyone who visits the museum. It was huge room with the walls filled with names of various visitors from across the globe. There is an artist responsible who marks your height and writes your name across that on the wall as your contribution to the piece of art. There have been thousands of people who are a part of the wall and it’s a beautiful way to give a little something of you to the world of Modern Art.




From there we headed to a small village that happens to be our favourite places in Paris that we have visited. Monmartre, the smallest and cutest little village situated on a hill in Paris. We lost ourselves in the cute little alleys and one of the most historic spots of the city. Montmartre is at the highest point in the city so you can enjoy a little hike if you’re a fan or take a cab right up the hill. You’ll find beautiful artworks and painting that are exhibited across all lanes by famous artists and painters. Filled with colourful walls, creperies, graffitis and some of the cutest hidden cafes I how I’d describe Montmartre in one line. We also found the cutest looking Starbucks in one of the lanes there. Our favourite and a must visit cafe for it’s cures decor and the best hot chocolate would be Les Tier Bouchon. Well, a walk in Montmartre is nothing short of a classic dream.




To finish our Day 4 in Paris, our last stop was in search of the classic Mona Lisa in the very famous Louvre Museum. Now here’s the thing with Louvre, you cannot finish it in a day. You’d atleast need 4 days to see every part of the museum properly. So we thought since we had a few hours we’d cover the Egyptian art and Mona Lisa since that was the most recommended. Louvre is so fascinating with the way it’s built and it’s architecture. It’s amusing to see how humongous the structure is and how how beautifully it’s laid out.






Well, that’s it. Here we have wrapped up our Parisian dream for you guys in two parts. Hope you’ve lived through every moment virtually with us and can’t wait to be there and experience in real time. All we can tell you is, whenever it happens, it’ll be beyond dreamy and all worth it.