Spending almost Rs 12000 on only my cab in Tenerife from airport to hostel and back I could see my shopping fantasies die miserably. The thought of being able to shop so much of Zara in Rs 12000 was killing me and the thought of catching a flight further almost led me to my death bed too. Why do I love islands so much and why can I not take the waterways and not flights everytime!


I landed in Malaga to a Hungarian receptionist who I overheard ordering a Paneer tikka masala and some Biryani and Naan rotis to go with it in Spanish accent and honestly, God does exist was no longer a myth to me. I immediately made friends with him, ordered my plate too, sat there on the table with messy hair, travel pants, bags right beside me and ate some Indian food finally after 15 days in a European country. CAN YOU FEEL MY HAPPINESS EVEN AFTER MONTHS TODAY WHEN I AM WRITING THIS!!! Malaga no longer felt like a tourist place for me. By this time I felt like I was a part of this country and somewhere this country had accepted a part of me too. I decided to stroll around the city on my own, not take city tours, fetch roads by myself without using maps, walk to the beach, lie down and sleep there for hours and get tanned and do nothing like a tourist. By then I had this weird urge of making myself feel like belong here and I am no longer a foreigner to this country. I wanted to dress up like them, talk like them and walk like I walk in my own country. Do you also feel that when you travel? That weird urge to make yourself feel at home even when your miles away from it. That’s what solo trips make you do, give you a feeling of belongingness in a completely new country because you have explored so much of it all by yourself .


With shopping bags and extra baggage tags I was ready for the most hyped IBIZA part of my trip. Right from boarding a flight to Ibiza, you are going to find only drunk people who are off for bachelor party or a hardcore vacation if you know what I mean. I literally was on a plane where people screamed, danced with party caps and whistles and recklessly drinking cans of beer in a 45 min flight. Well I am going to break your bubble by saying that Ibiza was my least favorite city in my whole trip. Its extremely over rated in everyone’s head and honestly not a place you want to visit solo! I went to the biggest club in Ibiza and ended up using their Wifi and chilling on my phone. IMAGINE! If you are not into trance music and drugs, then that’s definitely not the place you should be at.

Barcelona is beautiful! Its stands up to all your expectations and probably beyond! The most colorful, happy and carefree city that stands true to its modern and broad-minded culture. You know how you never feel like an outsider in Mumbai, the city just warmly hugs you in, it pretty much felt the same. I probably had the best hostel in Barcelona, I made some amazing friends yet again, some Gujrathi NRIs too! ( These guys are just everywhere, haha)

I remember this funny incident when I planned to meet my friend Ricky in Barcelona as he happened to be there at the same time and we had no data or calling absolutely. We decide to meet at a Zara store of a certain area and described each other our outfits and everything and left. To our complete misfortune, there were seven Zara stores in that one area alone!!! Can you believe our bad luck or probably our unconscious dumbness. For three hours we still couldn’t find each other and nor the Zara that we actually planned to meet and I gave up and entered a café to sit down and have a coffee instead. My wifi suddenly started, I got a message from Ricky saying “ WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”, obviously. We found each other later but never ever make Zara or any Spanish brand as your landmark or meeting point next time, you know why. Barcelona otherwise was all about looking at the marvelous architecture, Picasso museum, walking in the Gothic Streets and visiting the most creative cafes ever. 5 days of Spanish food, Latino nights, shopping sprees and some great friends made. You can never visit Barcelona just once, there is so much you see, so much todo and still so much left every time.


Well I had finished 25 days in Spain all by myself and still the happiest thing on the top of my head to be honest was that this would be my last flight of the trip and I would have no more flights to catch. You know solo trips are such an exaggerated feeling of self-exploration, people are constantly trying to find themselves, rethink their flaws, analyzing their changes and wanting to become a new version of themselves but you’ll realize all that is so pointless. It’s eventually all about being with yourself and finding peace with your heart and mind. It’s not about changing your self, rather accepting your flaws and fixing it! It was never meant to be so complicated in the first place, it’s supposed to be a fun trip after all! Don’t bind yourselves to becoming better all the time, just be you, be fearless and be free.