So this trip came out of nowhere and turned out to be the most EPIC Party scene everrrrr …!!!!

Here's a brief list of the TOP 10 PLACES TO GO TO IN BALI !  :D

1 Single Fin:

Single Fin is one of those bars in Bali that you will probably find yourself in most evenings when staying in the Uluwatu area. The vibe is super energetic and fun with views over the famous surf break, hearty meals, fridges full of Bintang and a huge wooden sun deck looking over the Indian Ocean. In the daytime it’s a relaxed vibe, with people coming to enjoy the views of Uluwatu and watch the surfers in action below. The best night is Sunday, when they host their weekly parties with live acoustic bands and DJ’s. You have to visit Single Fin during your trip to Bali, it's beyond beautiful. Reservations are recommended on Saturday and Sunday!





2 Mirror club:
Built like a Gothic cathedral with super high ceilings, the music is super loud with crappy acoustics, but the design of so many aspects is very cool. It's currently the most stunning looking club in Bali. However they are very neurotic on how you dress up so make sure you're well dressed and not in dirty beach clothes. Also it is really expensive, the reserved sections are in even worse but if you're in for spending and a luxe evening, then this is the club you should be at.


3 Yacht party:
The best decision we made was to book a reserve a private section on one of the party Yacht. We book the Playa Boat Party, Bali for us and we partied all day, jumped off our boats in the ocean and danced to death under the sun! Make sure you do this!!!

IMG_3076 (1)-min



IMG_3404 (1)-min

4 Potato head:
Potato head is an old and famous chill party place in Bali and it's a perfect evening getaway for drinks and great music. We were quite a lot of us and we chilled the entire evening there, giving you a glimpse of the bills that we had to clear off eventually, haha. (P.S. : Bali is pretty affordable otherwise, so is Potato Head. Its just that we were just in an extreme zone this time)




5 Char Char:
Char Char Bar and Grill Seminyak in the Oberoi area of Seminyak has revolutionised Bali restaurants in that area with its combination of style, great food and good price.


6 Seminiyak village mall:
The Seminyak Village is the latest modern shopping destination to grace Bali’s upscale beach resort area. Seminyak has long been known as a shopper’s paradise, with its main streets lined with a mix of international and local designer boutiques and galleries.



7 Motel Mexicola:
A Cuban take on Bali, with the best Mexican food, Latin music and colourful and quirky interiors.



8 Shisha Cafe:
For all you Hukka lovers and 'em Arabic feels, this is THE place to be at. Best part, Belly Dancers!


9 Rock bar:
The most spectacular and breathtaking place to sit and have a drink in Bali would be the luxurious roof top bar at the Ayana resort. The construction is placed at just the right height to smell the seawater mist rising from waves crashing against the rock, and watch it settle on wooden deck. You can never get enough of this place.


10 Sky garden club:
IT'S A FREAKING NIGHTCLUB COMPLEX! Sky Garden Lounge is the revolutionary example of what a soaring rooftop can be. With a range of 6  different venues where you can hang out, drink and dine, the complex’s top floor is where everybody heads first, with great value buffets, cold beers and funky beats spun by a live DJ. Only a short stroll from Legian Memorial, this always-busy venue is open from 18:00 until late. Moreover, its amazingly priced 50,000-rupiah all-you-can-eat nightly buffets with free flow beers keep the crowd coming back. If you're somebody who gets bored with one music and needs to shift, this is your ultimate place.



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